Blackacademic in Residence

One of 6PIC's goals is to support Black excellence. The ‘Blackademic in Residence’ position connects youth with educational resources, support, and opportunities to enhance the transformative work that happens in this space. Through this mentorship, youth are encouraged to integrate their creativity with academic study, because education should be fluid and liberating. Blackacademic in Residence is a minority scholar and practitioner whose developing work is grounded in supporting the Black collective in Richmond. Black, queer, and future first generation college students can benefit from interacting with someone who lives and studies in Richmond and resonates with their identity. 

About our current scholar in residence

Name: Chaz A Barracks
Pronouns: He, Him
Born in Connecticut, Chaz moved to Richmond for college. He graduated from the University of Richmond in 2011. That same year he embarked on a journey to teach in Japan for two years. While there he learned conversational Japanese and traveled to many different countries and made friends who live all over the world including various states in USA.
Chaz completed his Masters in Nonprofit Studies, also at the Univ. of Richmond (c/o 2016) and is now in year 2 of the Media, Art, and Text (MATX) PhD program at VCU.  He is a first generation college student and will be the first in his family to earn a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree. Chaz's fields of study are personal narrative, Black Feminist Thought/Critical Race Theories, and Afrofuturism.
Chaz is a design thinker, community connector, and promoter of equity in education. He advocates to create stronger persistence models for marginalized youth. Chaz believes that access to education is a part of freedom practice and desires to be a source of encouragement and mentorship to youth, as many [Black] women and other mentors were to him. 

Words to Live By: 
The elevator is broken...take the stairs- Jenifer Lewis


Using personal narrative integrated within the arts and Black feminist theories , this Blackademic in Residence imagines more inclusive spaces in institutions and among marginalized populations. Understanding that ‘the personal is political', is a critical paradigm to fuel social justice.

Focused Disciplines:

  • Black Feminist Studies
  • Critical Race Theories
  • Art Education
  • Narrative inquiry
  • Afrofutrurism

Activities at 6PIC

  • Work with Changemkaer youth team to design a mural project for 6PIC bathrooms space
  • Help to increase visibility in particular by being a resource for queer youth in Highland Park.
  • Work with Changemaker youth to attend or host one event per semester in the Richmond arts and culture. 
  • Build a digital and physical bulletin board that contains stories, relevant 'scholarly' readings, and artwork relevant to PoC/queer social justice Ed resources.


Office Hours:

Thursdays 3:00 PM-5:00 PM

Friday afternoon by appointment

 email for appointment

To volunteer with projects contact
 Jackie Washington at