City Builders

City Builders is a program at 6PIC that aims to implement restorative justice, where youth and adults work with the historical landscape of Highland Park. City Builders focuses on developing a working vocabulary and assessment tool to address the many ways that trauma manifests itself in the neighborhood. Youth also work to implement interventions in cooperation with the leadership of Highland Park Quality of Life Team community leaders, and 6PIC program partners.

In 2018, City Builders worked with adult team members to embark on a year-long quest to understand the origins of racial housing segregation, with a focus on Richmond’s Highland Park.  Through the use of design, leadership training, housing and transportation policy, City Builders engages in neighborhood-based skill building in creating more green spaces and restoring blight. Through City Builders, young people and adults work to build capacity around housing policy advocacy, supporting the health of Highland Park, and enhancing the ability of neighbors to maintain roots in their community and create intergenerational connections.


Areas of Focus

  • Food Access

  • Redlining

  • Mass Incarceration

  • Gentrification

  • Rapid Transit

  • Trauma

  • Resilience


City Builders' Activities

  • Evaluate social determinants of health that impact residents of Highland Park.

  • Facilitate community workshops that focus on local housing policies.

  • Develop community benefit agreements to ensure equitable development in gentrifying areas.

Program Dates:

2nd and 4th Thursdays from 5:00 PM-7:00 PM